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Chappaqua Performing Arts Center
480 North Bedford Road
Chappaqua, NY

A dance showcase to benefit

 The Community Center of Northern Westchester


Stompin on Hunger since 2006

Some eat & sleep dance so others can eat and sleep.

Our motto since 2006, Will Dance for Food has been performing to raise awareness and funds for oranizations that help families who are food insecure. We believe that a parent should not have to choose between paying their rent and feeding their family. 

Through tickets sales the studios and their families, friends and sponsors have raised over $100,000.00 in the past 10 years. All funds beyond production costs have been donated to The Westchester Coalition for the Hungry & Homeless,  ‚ÄčThe Foodbank of Westchester, and Hurricane Maria Relief. 

This year, we are proud to dance for The  Community Center of Northern Westchester in Katonah, NY. 

Sponsors needed!

To dance is divine - to sponsor, heroic. 

We are grateful to our dance studio directors and their families who support this event, and bring a stunning showcase year after year. Their support funds the costs of the show, so 100% of your donation will go to the Community Center, a 501c3 organization.

We invite businesses and individuals to partner with us and support our dance troupes in the fight against hunger. email us at


A 3 minute video about our program

Short feature on Will Dance For Food

This video by the Bedford Patch shares what we are about.

Dancers For Food 2017


The 2017 Dance Showcase was a benefit a for a mountain village of 200 families in Puerto Rico, ravaged by Hurricane Maria. Approximately $3000.00 was raised for food, water, Christmas gifts and other necessities for La Montagne de los Colones in Yabucoa, Puerto Rico.

Promo for 2017


Video promoting our 2017 showcase, "What's Your Best Move?" click to watch.

Fast Car - Will Dance for Food 2010


This piece was the opening to a dance showcase to benefit the Westchester Coalition for the Hungry and Homeless, Inc.  "Fast Car" was choreographed by Travis Breen and performed at Suny Purchase. Many of these performers are now professional dancers, choreographers, studio owners and have their own companies!

Just The Way You Are - WDFF 2012


Just the Way You Are, from 2012, choreographed by Karla Garcia. The dancers are from all of the participating dance studios, and were selected by audition to share the stage together.

Under Construction 2016


Will Dance for Food Alumni choroegraphed and performed

this piece. Email us for more information!

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Will Dance for Food

Sunday December 8, 2019

Chappaqua Performing Arts Center

480 North Bedford Road, Chappaqua, NY


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